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Vic is recognised as one of the best whisky educators in the business and is still loving his time at the EWA.

His teaching ability is in demand far and wide (as well as Scotland, Vic has had teaching trips to the Netherlands, Myanmar, Singapore, China and the USA, but he is especially appreciated by the Single Malt Diploma students who come through the Edinburgh Whisky Academy.

Vic's technical experience and knowledge is also sought after in the industry.

Vic is delighted to be working again for the 2023 Scottish Whisky Awards as the technical expert.

Vic has been an integral part of the UK Grain Testing Network for a number of years now.

Originally Vic represented Diageo on this committee (as well as sitting on the MAGB Technical Committee and the IBD Barley Committee).

His technical knowledge is now utilised in the role of Technical Administrator for the Network (since 2015). 


An exciting new project involves Vic working in Tbilisi, Georgia with the technical team from Jimsher Distillery.

Vic is assisting in designing and building a maltings to provide quality Georgian malt for the production process.

Vic is very happy to be part of the team helping Jim and Rachel of Outlaw Rum to produce stunning rum that has been matured here in Scotland on whisky cask.

Assisting in the sensory side, Vic has helped get this idea to market.


Helping launch a new product in an exciting market is always interesting.

Vic is currently helping Bunty and Leti launch their new whisky brand, D'yavol in India.

Developing the liquid for the blend is Vic's area of expertise.

Inception is a 'sweet peat' blended malt.

Vic is a regular on the monthly online tastings with The Really Good Whisky Company.

Vic's son Jay is an accomplished musician and composer.

Together they have started an exciting project called Whisky with Strings.

They can provide you with fantastic original music for your whisky brands and experiences.

Click here to see how we 'hear' some whiskies!

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