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VC Services is the name of the business, but our greatest asset is Vic.

Vic Cameron, after 23 years experience with Diageo (in a wide variety of roles), left to become a church minister, but also to start his own consultancy business. He is now in his 9th year of running his own consultancy firm, and recently completed his 30th anniversary of working in the whisky industry.

Vic was fortunate enough to gain vast experience with Diageo, and built up a superb network of contacts and colleagues through the years, and is continuing to widen this network as his own business grows and develops.

The Educator Guy

Vic is recognised as one of the best whisky "educators" in the business, being Whisky Lecturer for the University of the Highlands and Islands and Senior Teacher for Edinburgh Whisky Academy. He was also "Headmaster" for the Whisky School at the WFNN and was on the organising committee for the prestigious Spirit of Speyside Whisky School. Vic is also happy to lead you in tutored whisky nosing and tasting sessions in your home or business.

Vic has also recently started providing teaching and coaching for individuals and groups sitting the IBD GCD examination, and is also happy to prepare and deliver bespoke courses.

Contact him for more details of this new service, or click on this link to see more info about assistance for the IBD GCD examination.

The Sensory Guy

Nosing and tasting whisky is a passion for Vic and a skill that is proving useful for businesses and individuals across the globe. Vic can help you and your team develop their abilities in nosing, tasting and enjoying whisky.

He is also a useful asset to have with regards to sensory analysis for all stages of the process; new make spirit, maturing stock and final products.

From nosing rum maturing in whisky casks to assessing new make and maturing spirit, Vic can help you.

Vic has recently helped develop whisky brands for launch in Singapore and India, and a world wide rum brand, with maturation finished in Scotch whisky casks.

The Production Guy

Having worked in Operations Management for a number of years within Diageo, Vic has experience in running both a Maltings and a Distillery, producing the malt and new make spirit, and ensuring optimum levels of production within the required quality and safety parameters.

Vic was also fortunate to gain experience in process optimisation and troubleshooting during his many years in the industry with Diageo.

The Technical Guy

Vic has a great experience on all technical aspects of the industry, from malting and distilling through to maturation. Having sat on the MAGB Technical Committee and the IBD Barley Committee for a number of years, Vic can bring his technical expertise to help you improve your business.

Vic is currently using this experience to great effect as the Technical Administrator for the UK Grain Testing Network.

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