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Examination Preparation

Teaching, Coaching, Facilitation

In 2020 Vic diversified and started working on an interesting project with The Borders Distillery. He was contracted to teach and coach a team of operators through their IBD GCD examination in November. The plan was to visit site regularly providing lectures and tutorials as the team worked towards their industry qualification.

This plan of course was disrupted by the Covid-19 pandemic and new plans had to be put in place.

Vic quickly started preparing and delivering online lectures and tutorials (for the team and for individuals), pdf revision questions and online mock examinations. A WhatsApp group was formed where questions could be raised and answered.

This went on from March until the examination in November, where the team were quite successful.


Vic can now offer a similar service to candidates sitting the IBD GCD examination in 2021. He can put together a package for individuals or groups, and can tailor his services for your specifice needs.

VC Services can offer all or a mixture of the following - 

Live online lectures

Recorded lectures

Group or individual tutorials

Revision question sheets

Mock online examinations

WhatsApp discussion group

Contact Vic via our contact page and see how he can help you and your team succeed this year!

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