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Whisky With Strings

We are really excited about this innovative and original project.

Working with an up and coming young composer, we can provide original music for companies, brands and expressions.

Vic's son, Jay, is a talented musician and composer. Having completed his Masters Degree in Composition for Television and Film at Edinburgh University, Jay is now producing exciting and moving music for his clients. He is currently based in Canberra, Australia.

Together with Vic they are interpreting various whiskies together and producing stunning passages of music describing the distillery, the brand, the landscapes, the aromas and flavours.


Talisker is one of their favourite drams, Vic and Jay enjoy a Talisker 25 year old above most drams.

Talisker is a bold dram, made by the sea, in the midst of a strong landscape.

Click below to hear a brief teaser of how we think a theme for Talisker may sound.

Glenmorangie, as you will know, is a completely different whisky.

Our suggested theme for Glenmorangie focusses on the glen of tranquility, the meaning of the distillery name. It also focusses on how we feel their various expressions can be seen as complex whiskies with the same basic background.


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